Electric Outlet Repair & Replacement in Mission Tx

Electric Outlet Repair & Replacement in Mission Tx

Electric Outlet Repair & Replacement in Mission Tx

Get in touch with Atlas today and say goodbye to faulty electrical outlets.

Every property owner relies on electrical outlets to power their appliances, and this constant use can eventually lead to malfunctions. When dealing with faulty electrical outlets, you need a well-trained technician to resolve the issue. That is what we at Atlas aim to provide you with. Reach out to us for electrical outlet repair and replacement in Mission, TX.

Signs Your Electrical Outlet Needs Repair

Because it is impossible for you to always monitor what goes on behind your switch plates, it can be challenging to determine whether your electrical outlet needs repair. Fortunately, several signs can help you.

We highly recommend performing regular inspections, looking out for the following signs to determine whether your electrical outlets are functioning as they should.

  • Sparking Outlets
    If you notice sparks at your electrical outlet every time you plug an appliance in, it could mean that the wiring behind the switch plate has been exposed. This could potentially cause shocks or, in some cases, fires.
  • Scorched or Discolored Outlets
    Signs of visible scorch marks or discoloration could point to overheating brought on by loose wiring at your outlet’s connection points. This loose wiring causes sparking or heat buildup, which leads to arcing. If not promptly addressed, it could cause an electrical fire.
  • Non-Functional Outlets
    An electrical outlet could stop functioning due to damaged or disconnected wiring and could need repair or replacing.
  • Tripped Circuits
    If you are experiencing frequent tripped circuits or fuses, it could mean that your electrical system is either overloaded or overheating. Get in touch with us and allow one of our technicians to assess your electrical system to identify the cause.
  • Burning Smells
    A burning smell from your electrical outlets could be a result of overheating and will need immediate repair to protect you from harmful risks such as electrical fires.

Causes of Outlet Malfunctions

Being aware of the several causes of outlet malfunctions can go a long way in helping you take better care of your electrical outlets. It not only minimizes the need for repairs and replacements but also helps improve your safety in the process.

Some of the common causes of outlet malfunctions are:

  • Faulty Installation
    Installations done by an unqualified or unlicensed electrician can be faulty, potentially causing damage to the outlet, your appliances, and your home.
  • Overloading
    Extensions that cannot handle the wattage of the appliances you plug into them could damage your outlets.
  • Short-Circuiting
    Loose connections or exposed wiring could cause short-circuiting, leading to a buildup of heat, which can eventually cause fires.
  • Old Age
    Sometimes, a faulty outlet could be due to the wear and tear it has experienced over a long period.

Professional Electrical Outlet Repair and Replacement in Mission, TX

At Atlas, your safety is our main priority. We ensure all electrical outlet repairs and replacements are carried out professionally and align with all the safety standards. We are committed to providing you with professional, customer-friendly, and affordable services. Reach out to Atlas at (956) 585-7775 for electrical outlet repair and replacement in Mission, TX.


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