Things To Know Before Using Electrical Generators


 How would you feel if power goes off while watching your favorite movie or making a presentation in your office? Electric generators are rescuers in such cases, they provide electricity when you are out of power. These are backup power supplies that are to be used at the time of emergency power outages.

Electric generators provide electricity by converting mechanical energy into electrical energy. Why use electric generators? It is important to have an electric generator installed as home owners can keep their food fresh in refrigerators and can have access to electric appliances. Businesses can keep their server running without power. Apart from this you can protect your electric appliances from getting damaged due to frequent voltage spikes. You can save money on your energy bill and reduce electricity consumption. Let’s discuss a the benefits of buying or using emergency generators.

1. Buy a Standby Generator

Unlike a portable generator, standby generator is permanently connected to your electric system and switches on automatically when power goes off. These generators don’t cause noise pollution and can proficiently run on propane or natural gas, thus removing the need to monitor the fuel.

2. Always Buy Generators from Trustworthy and Certified Authority

If you are looking forward to buying generators, you may find the best deals online but they might not provide proper guarantee or warranty of the device. Sometimes, it is worth spending a bit more in order to buy generators from authorized and trustworthy dealers so as to refrain from the chances of future expenditure on frequent repairs.

3. Use Generators of Appropriate Size

The first thing to decide before buying generators for your home or office is the size of the generator. Determine what size i.e. Wattage generator you need according to the size and power consumption capacity of your place. Make sure that you include important items like refrigerators, freezers, a well pump, etc. Try not to include AC or microwaves as they utilize a lot of power and would require you to buy a much bigger generator.

4. Let the Generator Cool Down Before Refilling

While using portable generators be very cautious about refueling the generator. Fuel tanks of the generators are kept at the top of the engine to ‘gravity-feed’ petrol to the carburetor or EFI. If refueling is done carelessly then this setup can cause disaster by igniting. Let the hot engine cool down first and then refill the fuel in the tank of the generator.

5. Why Professional Generator Installation is Necessary

Electric generators are powerful devices and if you mistakenly connect them incorrectly with your electric system, you can run into problems such as an electrical shorting of the entire system. When you hire Atlas to complete the installation of your generator our technicians will provide you with the size of generator you’ll need to purchase for your home or workplace through a detailed analysis. Choose Atlas RGV to install a generator or service an existing generator. Call (956) 758-3669 to schedule an appointment today.

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