Causes Of Electrical Short Circuit And Preventative Measures

Electrical Short Circuit

A short circuit is a major type of electrical issue that can considerably damage your entire electrical system. If the faulty section is not disconnected promptly then it may even result in appliance damage, electrical shock, a fire, or an explosion. There can be many sources of the short circuit such as an existing problem in cords or switches, faulty wiring, electrical overload, etc. Hiring a professional electrician to inspect your electrical system is a way to prevent these issues from becoming hazardous.

What Causes a Short Circuit?

A short circuit happens when neutral and hot wires come in contact with each other due to damaged insulation or it can be caused by loose wire connections. Faulty appliance wiring in old or broken appliances is another reason and at times pests such as squirrels, mice, etc. can eat the wiring which can cause a short circuit.

How to Identify a Short Circuit?

1. Unplug Electronics When Not in Use

This is one of the easiest ways of avoiding short-circuit conditions in your place. Many electronics in your home use power even when they are not in use. For instance, the light blinking on appliances even after they are switched off shows they are still consuming power on standby mode. This can create the possibility of a short circuit.

2. Avoid Using Multiple Sockets

You should avoid using multiple sockets at the same time in one plug. If the circuit gets overloaded then it can catch fire, putting you and your property in danger. Therefore, if too many appliances are plugged in one socket, then unplug the ones which are not necessary to be used.

3. Install Fuses

Whenever the current increases beyond the threshold which the circuit is designed to hold, then the fuse interrupts the current flow to prevent short circuits. Therefore, to prevent short circuits and the relevant damage that it can produce, it is advisable to install fuses.

4. Check the Condition of Electrical Wires

The rubber coating on the wires can wear out or break over the period of time exposing the wires. This can lead to a home fire, so make sure to check all the electrical wiring routinely if they are working in proper condition or not and have any damage or breakage. Replace the damaged wiring immediately.

5. Basic Circuit Breaker Maintenance

Circuit breakers are meant to break the flow of current in an electric circuit for safety measures. They are shut off when the electrical currents are unstable. Therefore we advise you to perform some basic circuit breaker maintenance to ascertain that they are functioning properly. Check the breaker for any kind of damage, cracks, or loose fittings, or has dirt accumulated. Replace or repair the breaker in case it is damaged.

Schedule an Inspection

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