Backup Generators Keep The Lights On During Power Outages

Backup generators

Backup generators often referred to as ‘standby generators’ or ‘emergency power systems’ are mainly used for commercial purposes, however, having a backup generator installed at your home is now an option for homeowners. During power outages, keeping the lights on can be a big deal especially during hurricanes or thunderstorms. Generators restore the electricity within seconds during power outages and temporarily until the main power is back up and running after a natural disaster.

The Importance of Backup Generators

Atlas provides backup generators and installation to the entire RGV. Backup generators are known for keeping the important systems and appliances running in your home, for example, a sump pump to keep your home protected from flood damage. If you lose power at work and/or have computer systems or medical equipment that is critical to remain on, a generator guarantees a smooth ride through any blackout without a hitch.

Don’t Lose Important Data

Having a consistent power supply is crucial when your business works on and stores sensitive customer data such as medical research or personal data. By installing a backup generator you are providing yourself and your business a peace of mind during any blackout. Backup generators switch on within seconds of a power outage which helps you save data related to delicate research.

Continuous Power Supply = Increased Productivity

No business wants to go without electrical power and lose productivity. The power outage can hinder the performance of your business by decreasing productivity. A backup generator, in such situations, ensures that a business never goes without power and continues to operate.

Save on Repair Expenses

Frequent power outages can damage business properties such as computers, electrical appliances, security system, and more. These appliances can begin to malfunction due to the unexpected power shutdowns. Equipment that is damaged will result in having to replace the damaged systems and cover the cost of the malfunctioning devices. The costs involved in fixing and replacing the systems can be higher than the cost of installing a backup generator for the significant systems. A generator not only comes in handy during this situation but it provides you with the security you need.
If you have made the decision to buy a backup generator, consider the following:

  • Power Requirement– If you want your generator to run the entire building or only the important systems you set your power requirements
  • Fuel Type – Emergency backup generators use natural gas, propane, and diesel. Depending upon the size, power requirement and cost, you can choose either gas or diesel as a fuel.
  • Installation Process – Hire a reputable company with a good service history. A professional company hires licensed and certified technicians
  • Location: It is advisable to install the generators in a place where it is easily accessible for maintenance and repair. It should be placed high enough to keep rising water from reaching it.
  • Warranty: Depending on the purpose of use, the generators come with a varying warranty

Never Be Without Power Again!

To have a generator as a backup plan during a sudden power outage allows you to have peace of mind your information and high-priority equipment remains on without a hitch. It’s time to call Atlas Electric to install a generator at your commercial or residential property. Call us at (956) 758-3669 to schedule an appointment today!

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