Electrical Tips For Businesses


Every business needs a good plan to tackle their electricity issues —especially the energy bills. Electricity isn’t something that any business can avoid, and the cost of inefficiently using electricity can detract from your budget for other expenditures. Every business should be following these electrical tips for businesses in order to ensure that energy is being consumed smartly and effectively! If we don’t answer your questions below, be sure to reach out to a local electrician, like Atlas Electrical, for more answers!

Check Out Thermostats: A few changes in temperature across your whole business can go a long way to conserving energy and saving money. Even just reprogramming your thermostat a few degrees higher in the summer and a few degrees lower in the winter than what you normally set it at can add up over time. If you don’t want to compromise work temperature during the day, consider drastically changing the temperature during “off’ hours when employees won’t be bothered by any temperature differences.

Buy Energy-Efficient: Energy-efficient fixtures and appliances might have a higher initial cost than their counterparts, but the savings in energy they provide are more than worth the price. The commercial energy cost for running businesses —both small and large— can be high; using energy-efficient devices can help lower energy usage by anywhere from 10 to 50 percent. Energy-efficient devices are clearly marked at stores.

Complete HVAC Maintenance: One of the biggest energy drains at a workplace is the HVAC system. Heating and cooling units require a large amount of electricity to properly function and are a basic necessity of almost every workplace. Regular maintenance will ensure that your HVAC units run smoothly and efficiently at all times. Air filters should be regularly changed, at least once a month or so. Coils, ducts, and piping should all be inspected as well to search for any damage or necessary repairs.

Go Au Natural: An easy —and obvious— way to cut back on electrical energy costs is to seek out natural alternatives at all times. Make the most of any natural lighting available in the office to lower electricity usage. Encourage employees to open windows during hot days, especially during the spring before the temperature rises too high. Raising or lowering window blinds can help trap or release heat as well. These fixes are simple to complete and don’t take much effort on the business end of things. As long as these natural options don’t lower the quality of the workplace, businesses should be urging the natural choice at all times possible.

Make sure that your company is one the right track with these essential electrical tips for businesses. A few changes and regular maintenance can go a long way into boosting efficiency and saving costs at your workplace. If you’re not already actively doing all of these steps, start them soon to maximize potential benefits! If you need more help from an electrician in McAllen, TX, give Atlas Electrical a call today. Proudly serving the entire Rio Grande Valley!

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