Home Lighting Mistakes


Great home lighting can give your property stylish ambiance and set the tone for the design of the rest of your house. However, there’s a lot that can go wrong in-home lighting, especially if you’re attempting to complete any aspects on your own without professional assistance from a local electrician. Learn from these common home lighting mistakes to make sure that your home casts the best light possible at all times.

Not Enough Lighting: Proper lighting is one of the most essential ways to showcase the style and beauty of your property. Light can make rooms seem larger and properly highlight items in the house. Oftentimes, homeowner only install one lighting source in a room. This causes dim areas to occur and visibility to be reduced. The best way to light your room is to have multiple light sources in each area in order to provide ample lighting to the entire space.

Wrong Sizing: While a certain light fixture might seem appealing in a catalogue or showroom, it might not suit the size of your property. It is important to balance the light fixture with the available space of the room, as well as consider how much light the fixture will offer. Rather than pick chandeliers or lamps based on appearance only, carefully consider both the form and the function of the fixture.

Over-installing Ceiling Lights: There’s no such thing as too much of a good thing, right? In the case of recessed ceiling lights, it’s best not to over-install them. While overhead lighting is essential in providing light to the overall space, total illumination will never occur, as the lights are not designed to light up the walls of the room. Additionally, adding on an abundance of lights can increase your energy bills significantly. Finding a balance between the number of recessed ceiling lights and other lighting fixture types is crucial.

Forgetting Dimmers: Dimmers can go a long way in saving money on energy bills and quickly changing the ambiance of a room. If you have the ability to install your own lighting fixtures, consider using dimmers whenever possible. Their ease of use is more than worth the effort of installation.

Leaving Small Spaces Dim: Small spaces can be easily overlooked when considering lighting for your property. However, it is essential to ensure that all of these small places are properly lit, especially if they are used for storage or organizing materials.  Small lighting fixtures such as LED strips can be easily installed in order to increase visibility.

Home lighting is one of the most important design factors in a property. Having bad lighting around your home can lower the appeal of your entire house. Avoid these common home lighting mistakes in order to ensure that your home looks the best it possibly can at all times. If you need assistance with any home lighting installations, contact Atlas Electrical today. We are your local electricians in McAllen, TX. Proudly serving the entire Rio Grande Valley!

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