Common Reasons Why Your Lights Flicker


Flickering lights are at times pretty normal. A tiny fluctuation may cause the light to flicker. But this only happens once in a blue moon. So if your light begins to flicker rapidly, then there is something wrong. These are four common reasons that could cause your lights to flicker:

  • Faulty Bulb
  • Problem with the light plug
  • Fixture loosening
  • Voltage issue

Some greater problems may range from old wiring to an unprotected surge. Electrical diagnosis & repair services can help find and troubleshoot the issues.

Let’s go further and explore the common reasons:

Faulty bulb

The bulb might have defected. More likely the bulb is burnt out and needs to be replaced. Some bulbs go dark and some begin flickering when burnt out. Further, the connection might be loose. If there is a gap between the light plug and the bulb, the flickering will surely begin. The loose connection will interrupt the electric supply to the bulb. And that causes it to flicker.

Problem with the light plug

Light plugs can also be an issue sometimes. It is one of the most common issues. Usually, it is a connection fault. But in some cases, it could be a defective plug that causes it not to be transmitting the required power. To clearly understand what the problem is, call in an electrical diagnosis & repair service professional. They can easily diagnose the problem and fix it.

Fixture loosening

The outdated switches and dimmers also become a bone of the issue. The problem with the switches usually begins when the filament bulbs are replaced with LEDs. The older switches are not designed to work with them and that is when it begins fluctuating the power. The right fixture can resolve this problem. The licensed electricians and experts know the right switches and dimmers for the modern LEDs. They can help you get the right product and install it correctly.

Voltage issue

The voltage issues are the most serious. Continuous fluctuation is a common sign. The light begins to flicker soon as you have turned on a high wattage appliance. In this very situation, it is crucial to get professional help from licensed electricians to diagnose, troubleshoot and repair this problem.

Flickering lights may seem like a minor issue however, this may lead to something dangerous. It’s never a good idea to ignore any type of lighting and electrical problem. Make sure to seek help from a licensed electrician to help you out. Call Atlas RGV (956) 758-3669 for any of your electrical concerns.

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