Tips To Save On Electricity Costs This 2020


Electricity costs can be a burden to our pockets. Saving costs for your electricity bills can feel like a huge thing to do but sometimes, making small changes can result in a great impact. Here are some tips you can start doing this year to save and reduce your electricity bills.

Most of the tips below will help you reduce your electricity by 10%:

1. Turning off Lights When Not In Use
You must turn off the blubs and fans when you are not using them. If you turn off two 100-watt incandescent bulbs for two hours per day, you will be able to save $15 per year. This is how; you can effectively cut on your electricity costs.

2. Using Natural Light
You should open windows and doors to let the natural light come into your house. A single south-facing window will lit the room very brightly, and you will be able to save $5 a day.

3. Using Task Light Instead of Ceiling Lights
If you have enough ambient light into the house and need to either work with a knife or pen, you can use task lights instead of ceiling lights. Task lights consume lesser electricity than ceiling lights. You can use task lights in the kitchen, hobby area, work area, track lights, etc.

So, using task light instead of ceiling lights will save on your electricity costs in 2020. Thus, you will save $72 annually.

4. Sustainable and Good Habits for Water Usage
Your water is sent to the tanker through the motor that is placed on the roof mostly. So the amount of water you use, you spend money on electricity for using it. If you adopt good water habits, you will save on your electricity costs.

For example, you can turn the water off when you are brushing teeth, washing your hands or shaving. You can also take shorter showers for reducing electricity costs. If you reduce water usage by 5%, you will be saving $200 annually.

5. Fixing All Leakages of Windows, Doors, and Water
Whether it is Air-Condition in summers or heater in winters, cooling or heating may leak out of your place. As a result, Air-Condition and heater will be using extra electricity in trying to keep your place cooler or hotter. Similarly, water leakage also costs you a lot on electricity bills. So, you have to make sure that you fix these small issues and keep your air conditioning system well-maintained.

By fixing all the leakages, you will be saving $50 annually on your electricity bills.

6. Unplugging Electronic Devices
If devices are put on the stand by, it may cost you 10% more on electricity than it should. So, you must unplug your electronic devices when you are not actively using them. Thus, you will effectively save $50 annually by unplugging unused electronic devices.

7. Running Full Loads in the Machine
You should run full loads in the machine to save the money on the electric bills. You should also switch from hot to cold water to wash your clothes. By this simple switch, you can simply save $22 on your energy costs.

8. Hanging dry
If you do not want to dry your clothes on an immediate basis, you must hang dry them. Dryer machine consumes a lot of energy. Alternatively, you can aim at hanging dry only 50% of the washed clothes. By reducing the usage of the dryer machine, you will save $65 annually.

9. Efficient Use of Refrigeration
If you open the refrigerator every half an hour, it will have to use the extra electricity for spreading the cooling once again. So, you must plan what you need from the fridge, open it at once, take all the necessary items out and close it.

You should also keep your refrigerator and freezer at an ideal temperature. Your fridge should be between 3°C and 4°C (37°F and 40°F), while your freezer must be -18°C (0°F).

The efficient use of refrigeration will save you $25.

10. Replacing Old Machines, Electronic Devices, and Gadgets
Upgrade on refrigeration equipment, Air conditioners, electronic devices, gadgets and old machines with new energy-efficient machines, gadgets, and electronic devices can help a lot in reducing your electricity cost. The new energy-efficient device will cost you 75% less than the old ones would do.
You will see a savings of $15 to $50 annually on your electricity bill.

You can take some of these things and make them part of your daily habits. By doing these little things, you will effectively reduce the usage of electricity and save on electricity costs.

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