Most Common Electric Problems Found In Home Inspections

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When purchasing a new home, commissioning a home inspection is always a smart idea in order to diagnose any potential issues in infrastructure. Identifying these problem spots is important to accurately value the home and make sure that the buyer doesn’t unknowingly inherit any costly issues. There are a variety of different issues that can be found when purchasing a home; however, these are the most common electrical problems found in home inspections that prospective buyers should be aware of.

Poorly Wired Switches: Poorly wired switches are a common safety hazard that many houses have, especially if it was a wiring attempt by a poorly trained electrician or attempted by someone who no previous electrical knowledge. These switches often use reverse polarity when wiring, which can cause issues to your appliances.

Faulty GFI Outlets: GFI outlets are used when an outlet is close to a water source and can commonly be constructed from low-quality materials that create electrical issues in a home. GFI outlets made from poor materials can often trip the power source and result in a variety of different appliances in your house shutting down.

Extension Cords: Extension cords are intended to be temporary solutions, not a long-term method of keeping all electrical appliances running. When there are clear signs that extension cords are being used permanently rather than on a temporary basis, it indicates that the house is not adequately equipped with enough power outlets. This is especially a concern for older houses. Extensive use of power cords can be a safety concern, so professional electrical home inspectors should always make a note in their reports.

Poorly Buried Wire: Wires can run through a variety of different places throughout the property; however, wire that run underground need to be correctly installed in order to avoid hazard. One common electrical problem found in home inspections is wire that is improperly buried. Wires not buried at the correct depth can become exposed to water, rodents, and breakage. It is essential to check to make sure that all wired are buried correctly during a home inspection.

Service Panel: It’s all too common to find several issues in a service panel during a routine home inspection. Some problems might include breaker problems or outright damage to the service panel, among others. Having a properly functioning service panel that is large enough to handle all of the home’s electrical needs is essential. A good home inspector will know to carefully review the damage and structure on the home’s service panel and alert you if there are any problems.

The last thing you want in your new property is a bunch of electrical problems that are costly to fix. Always be sure to hire a professional home inspector before purchasing a new home in order to ensure that these common issues are addressed. Call Atlas today to discuss how we can help you with your electrical needs.

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