How To Quickly Fix A Leaking Pipe?

Leaking Pipe

There are different kinds of plumbing leaks; few can flood your home while others are not so dangerous. Whether it is dangerously flooding or not, a little drop of water can wreak and bring havoc in your place. So, here we are going to provide you with an effective guideline about how to quickly fix a leaking pipe – whether flooding or non-flooding.

These tips will help you gain knowledge about how to do a temporary fix on your own however, it’s highly encouraged to get the help of a professional and qualified plumber to fix the issue and avoid further problems in the long run.

So, here is how you can quickly fix a leaking pipe:

1. Examine What Type of Leak It Is.

First of all, you need to examine what type of leak you are trying to fix. If it is a joint leak, you will need to fix the joints. If it is in the middle of a pipe, you will have to put the new pipe in place to stop the leaking of the water in your house.

2. Utilize a C-Clamp

Having examined what type of leak your pipe has, you can officially start repairing your leak.

One of the most effective methods to stop leaking water is to use a c-clamp on the area that is leaking. The c-clamp is basically a piece of wood, a piece of rubber and the c-clamp itself.

C-clamp can be used for this purpose:

  • Turn off the supply of water at the main valve.
  • Find the area that is leaking and mark it.
  • Place the rubber around the area.
  • Now, put the wood on top of the rubber.
  • You should now open the c-clamp to cover the gasket material, rubber, wood, and pipe.
  • Put the opening part of the C-Clamp against the pipe, and screw part of the c-clamp against the block of the wood.
  • Tight the screw nicely.

Within a matter of a few minutes, you are done repairing your leaking pipe.

3. Utilizing a Sleeve Clamp

A sleeve clamp, consisting of the semicircular pieces of the metal, stops from small leaks to the large leaks. A sleeve clamp is usually three inches long, but you must buy a sleeve clamp that fits the size of your pipe.

To fix your leaking pipe, you need the sleeve clamp, two screws, and one screwdriver.

Here is how you can use the sleeve clamp to stop the spilling of the water:

  • Turn of the main supply valve.
  • You should wrap the gasket material with the sleeve clamp.
  • Now, you must wrap the gasket material and the pipe with the semicircular sleeve clamp.
  • You should tighten the screws of the sleeve clamp – making it powerfully strong to stop the water.
  • You are done.

These are just several things you can do to help you with leaking pipes issue, offering you temporary fixes. It’s highly recommended to seek the help of a professional and trusted plumbing contractor not only for your convenience but also to get the leaky pipes fixed in the best way possible. If you’re in McAllen. TX, you can count on Atlas Electrical, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Plumbing to help you with your plumbing needs. Call at (956) 758-3669 anytime.

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