Boiler Maintenance Tips For Your Home This Winter

Boiler Maintenance

Boiler maintenance is an essential part of your home care every season of the year and winter-time is no different. In fact, winter brings about a variety of unique, seasonal issues to carefully pay attention to and take care of in order to ensure that your boiler is in great working condition. Not only that, conducting regular checkups also minimizes operating and energy costs, bolsters equipment life, and improves safety. Follow these boiler maintenance tips this winter and enjoy a warm, comfortable home, no matter how cold the outdoor temperatures may be!

Routine Cleaning: Boilers require regular cleaning and service in order to function optimally. Every season, be sure to clean and inspect your boiler to ensure proper air circulation to prevent the production of CO and incomplete fuel combustion. Look over all of the joints and different parts and check for any damage or water leakage. Make sure that there is nothing blocking the passage of air through the combustion air openings, and clean it out if there is. Just a little bit of simple maintenance can ensure that larger boiler issues don’t occur later in the season!

Adjust the Pressure: It is essential to adjust the pressure if your boiler pressure is too high or too low. A boiler’s pressure should be between 1.2 and 1.5 bars at all times. Homeowners should carefully maintain the pressure in their boiler in order to ensure that the unit is functioning optimally.  If you have high air pressure, purge the radiator of air. If the pressure is too low, open up the tap and allow more water to flow into the boiler. If you are uncertain about how to adjust the boiler pressure on your own, contact a professional HVAC specialist.

Add Insulation: Insulation is a must-have feature for any boiler during the winter-time. Upgrade the condition of your boiler and complete some easy boiler maintenance by insulating your condensation pipes. During the winter, the condensation around the pipe frequently freezes, blocking the outlet of water to the boiler. Insulating your pipes is a great preventative measure to help keep your boiler working efficiently throughout the colder months of the year!

Call A Professional: A professional HVAC specialist will be able to complete all types of routine and seasonal maintenance on your boiler so that you don’t have to worry about missing any essential steps. Don’t compromise your household’s access to warm indoor air temperatures by missing key maintenance and allowing your boiler to fail—instead, simply call a professional. Having sustained access to your boiler is especially crucial during the cold winter months, so play it safe and get maintenance from an expert!

A functioning boiler requires routine maintenance, especially during the winter. By following these boiler maintenance tips for your home this winter, you can focus on enjoying the festivity and cheer that the winter holiday brings, rather than dealing with costly and time-consuming boiler repairs.

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