How To Avoid Common Winter Electrical Problems

Electric Problems

Many electrical problems are more persistent during the cold season. Heating systems, holiday decorations, portable heaters, etc. put significant stress on your home’s electrical system. The cold temperatures and moisture from snow and rain can also have an effect on your electrical system’s components. Identifying issues before they become larger problems can help prevent the need for significant repairs and uncomfortable conditions.

The following common electrical issues can plague homeowners when the temperatures drop.

 Use of extension wire for electric heaters:

Many people use portable electric heaters in their room to keep themselves warm and cozy. Please keep in mind that space heaters require special care to remain safe due to the high amount of energy they use and the potential risk of fire they represent.

In order to minimize this risk, make sure that you are using these portable heaters without any extension cord. Extension cords are not designed to handle the high current flow needed for a space heater and can overheat or even catch fire due to the added energy flow. Instead, plug space heaters directly into the power outlet and always unplug them when not in use. 

Not enough power:

As mentioned above, winter is an especially demanding time for electricity. In case you notice your lights flickering or your breaker tripping, this is a sign that you are using too much power on a specific circuit. The breaker tripping is a safety mechanism that is triggered by excess demand in order to prevent overheating and the potential for an electrical fire. When this occurs, disconnect the appliance from the overloaded circuit and find another outlet for electrical power. Call a trusted electrician to help with adding additional electrical outlets, lighting fixtures, and increasing supply.

Static shock:

During the cold, dry winter months, static electricity can build up in the home. The constant run of hot furnace air throughout the day dries out your surroundings. In winter when the humidity level is already low, this drying results in creating static electricity. A humidifier is a popular appliance for use in drier areas of a home to help avoid this issue. You’ll want to keep your space above 30%-50% relative humidity for the best anti-static results. 

Power outages:

Everyone loves being comfy in their homes while it’s cold outside but what to do if one can’t keep his place warm during power outages? Yes, it can happen to almost anyone. This is why it is best to get your entire electrical system checked before the arrival of winters. Getting your home inspected once a year will ensure you that your place is set for winter and you have enough power supply to keep you warm and comfortable. Keeping a generator as a backup is a great idea for when a power outage is unavoidable. 

These were a few of the issues that you can face during the harsh winter season. It is best to keep yourself prepared and consider some basic precautionary measures. Choose professional electricians to ensure that your home is safe. Contact Atlas Electrical to assess the performance of your home’s electrical system and make any needed repairs or upgrades to get it ready for winter.

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