AC Maintenance in McAllen Tx

AC Maintenance in McAllen Tx

AC Maintenance in McAllen Tx

Avoid the McAllen heat with our speedy AC maintenance services at Atlas!

The sweltering summers of McAllen, TX, make it difficult to imagine life without air conditioning. With temperatures soaring above 102° F on some days, it’s always inconvenient to deal with repairs. The safest way to avoid malfunctions is by scheduling regular AC maintenance in McAllen with a company you trust.

Our experts at Atlas Electrical, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Plumbing Services, Inc. know that cooling systems malfunction at inopportune times. With our maintenance services, we help you avoid issues before they happen and perform the necessary repairs. With our thorough and speedy service, your property’s temperature stays comfortable year-round, with no surprises.

Why Maintenance Trumps Repairs

Depending on the age of your AC unit, maintenance could be more efficient and cost-effective than replacement. Consistent monitoring maximizes the lifespan of your air conditioning systems and enhances their performance.

During maintenance checks, our team at Atlas identifies potential issues that cause malfunctions later on. One service check is sufficient every year and helps you avoid problems during the hottest summer months. Even if a sudden breakdown happens, our team is ready for repairs 24/7.

Signs that Your AC Needs Maintenance

Before a cooling system gives out, it gives off signs that a problem is brewing. Although some ACs give out without warning, you can still avoid most surprises. These indicators signal a need for AC maintenance in McAllen:

  • Age An old AC unit is more likely to require consistent servicing.
  • Airflow If your AC does not cool as efficiently as before, your system might have blockages in its ducts or filters.
  • Noise A sharp increase in the sound that your AC makes while cooling is a sign of an underlying problem. Clanks, thumps, and abnormal noises indicate critical issues in your cooling system.
  • Energy Costs If you notice a higher energy bill despite making no changes, then your AC’s cooling process is not at maximum efficiency.
  • Leaks Sudden moisture around your AC unit is a sign of leaking refrigerant, and causes issues down the line.
  • Smell Air conditioners should not produce any unpleasant odors. If you notice a strange smell, discontinue using the AC and call a professional.

Our professionals at Atlas help you avoid the inconvenience of lengthy repair work with our speedy service options. We recommend regular AC maintenance to keep your cooling systems working year-round.

Expert AC Maintenance Services in McAllen

Don’t let a faulty cooling system leave you hot and uncomfortable at the most inopportune time. Whether you need repairs, installation, or AC maintenance in McAllen, Texas, our expert teams are here for you at any time of the day.

We offer flexible financing solutions and only hire experts with experience and the right certifications to get the job done. With fast, friendly service and our commitment to keeping customers happy, you’re in good hands when you choose Atlas.

Call Atlas Electrical, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Plumbing Services, Inc. at (956) 585-7775 to schedule an appointment today.


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