This Spring Prepare for the Hot Summer Days in the Rio Grande Valley


Spring showers bring May flowers… if your air conditioner is cleaned it will bring you clean and healthy breathable air inside your home! This is the perfect time of the year to schedule your HVAC maintenance. When your system undergoes a service maintenance it allows your HVAC system to produce clean air and work efficiently during the hot days of summer.

When you schedule your HVAC maintenance in the spring you’ll notice enormous benefits in the long run. Start by checking the warranty of your HVAC system. The HVAC manufacturer reserves the right to validate the warranty if the warranty was not registered on-time, a unit is not properly installed, or it’s installed with unbranded parts. The manufacturer does not like to give warranties if a regular HVAC maintenance is not up to date.

There are times when a routine maintenance shows danger alerts against damage or malfunctioning of the systems parts. The issues can be fixed before they becomes a more expensive to repair. A regular scheduled tune-up of your HVAC system can prevent it from breaking down.

Your air conditioner is going to go for a hard ride in summer. This is the chance to increase the efficiency and the lifespan of your HVAC. A routine maintenance can increase the lifespan from 30 to 50%. And efficiency can rise up to 50% as well. Regular maintenance is not an overhead, it’s an investment towards saving huge on electricity bills.

Have you checked your electricity bills for the last year? A huge amount, right? A regular maintenance can keep the equipment functioning quite smoother and it allows for the unit to consume less energy. Your electricity bills can be reduced to 20%. You can use the tips to save the electricity by taking action early and not prolonging the service of your system.

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