Brighten Your Space With Home Lighting Solutions

Home Lighting

Illuminate your space by upgrading your home lighting. Atlas offers exterior and interior home lighting solutions for commercial and residential properties. Choose from a variety of name brands, fixtures, and styles that add an attractive curve appeal to your home.

Light Up Your Space

Choosing new lighting for your home’s exterior should be easy, right? It can become daunting when there are too many options to choose from. Lighting your home can go a long way to making your home safer and boosting your décor. Making sure you choose the right lighting options is why we have Atlas specialists who can help you narrow down your choices and make the best decisions.

An alternative to traditional lighting would be solar-powered lighting. Atlas offers solar-powered equipment options for commercial and residential properties. We do a full inspection of your home and determine the cost of the installation. In the long-run solar powered equipment does help save homeowners money on their electrical bills. It’s a great option for homeowners who choose to go-green. Our team handles the installation of solar panels at your home or business.

Impress Your Guests

Ready to impress your guests with custom lighting? It’s important to consider the lighting in each room as well as the entrance of the home and around the property. First impressions matter and your entrance sets the scene. Consider all areas of your home where a light can add a dramatic impression or where you feel should provide security in the dark.

Interior lighting can be as simple as a light under the cabinets in the kitchen above the counter, to lighting up the staircase, entrance wall or indents in the ceilings. These are small details that can have dramatic appeal to the interior of your home.

Exterior lighting for the main entrance of your home is at the top of the list. Adding lighting to your properties front and back gate, along the property’s fence line, walkways or at the points of the home most vulnerable to intruders in the dark

Why Hire a Professional Electrician

Trying to save a few bucks by installing on your own lighting can be hazardous. If you are not experienced in electrical work it’s important to consider hiring a professional. An electrician is a tradesman specializing in electrical wiring and is trained and licensed. Atlas electricians are well-versed in electrical wiring, installation and repair that is why our customers trust us to get the job done right! Contact Atlas at (956) 758-3669 to schedule an appointment today.

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