Common Electrical Problems In The Winter

Christmas Lighting

Winter is one of the most festive periods of the year which often leads to greater electric consumption. From keeping your home warm because of the cold weather to Christmas lights and decorations, the need for electricity will be higher. This may also mean that there’s a greater chance for electrical issues to arise. The higher demand placed on your home's electrical system can result in some common electrical problems during this season. Here are some:

#1 Overloaded Circuit Due to Christmas Decorations

A major complaint among homeowners during winter is overloaded circuits. This can happen when the current flowing from one device to another exceeds what it can handle. If you happen to notice that your circuit breaker keeps tripping, your circuit could have been overloaded. In order to avoid this from happening, conserve energy by unplugging devices or appliances that are not in use.

#2 Fire Caused by Misuse of Extension Cords

Misuse of extension cords can cause an electrical fire. It’s important to make sure that appliances should be plugged directly into an outlet. Appliances should not be plugged into an extension cord for a long period of time and should only be used as a temporary measure. If you do not have enough outlets, hire an electrician to install new ones.

#3 Power Outage Caused By Weather-Related Events

An electrical outage can happen due to many reasons. No matter how great our electrical system is, it can never be fully resilient, especially from storms bringing strong winds and heavy rain or snow. Winter may bring disastrous weather conditions that may result in iced-over and downed power lines. It is best to always be prepared for such occurrences. Having a generator is a great resource to depend on when a power outage occurs in the dead of winter.

#4 Static Shock

Winters can get really dry and cold. Static resulting from dry winter air can be dangerous in certain conditions. The dry air causes a charge imbalance in dry materials. If a damaged or unmonitored electrical current or flammable substance is nearby, static electricity can result in powerful shocks. The best way to avoid static electric shocks is to raise the humidity in your home using a humidifier.

Final Word

Electrical problems can happen all year round, but sometimes they are more frequent during winter. It is best to have a licensed electrician check your home for potential problems. It can save you a lot of time and money while keeping your family safe! If you are unsure of the condition of your electrical system, the safest approach is to have your system inspected by a professional.

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